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Handelsmissie Conakry, Guinee, 23/24 mei 2016 [Dutch]

In opdracht van de Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland en de Nederlandse ambassade te Dakar, organiseert AfricanWise in samenwerking met het Nederlands Centrum voor Handelsbevordering (NCH) een handelsmissie naar Conakry, Guinee.  Deze missie zal op 23 en 24 mei 2016 plaatsvinden, onder leiding van missieleider Z.E. Ambassadeur Theo Peters van de Nederlandse ambassade te Dakar, Senegal.


7 Myths About Doing Business in Sub-Saharan Africa

By Anna Rosenberg By now even latecomers among multinational corporations have decided to include African countries in their emerging market portfolios. However, many companies are not making the most of the Sub-Saharan Africa opportunity because of misconceptions about what it takes to succeed in the region. Sub-Saharan Africa refers to countries below the Sahara desert, such as


3 steps for a sustainable financial model of your African business!

What is the appropriate and right financial planning approach when a western company is considering developing business in Africa? I mean: is financial planning and modeling feasible as it’s usually done in the western corporate world? I remember how I was shocked to hear last year, from a French lecturer at an event organized by the


Foresight Africa: Top priorities for the continent in 2016

Editor: Amadou Sy Africa is at a tipping point in 2016. Despite all the success the continent has achieved in recent years, new and old dangers—economic, political, and security-related—threaten to derail its progress. With sound policymaking, effective leadership, and enough foresight, however—Africa can meet and defeat these challenges as well as the many more to come.


Africa Entrepreneurs – Some Harsh Truth

Today I bought some roses at my local supermarket. Yes, I do treat myself with flowers on a Friday or any other day occasionally (must be a British thing that stuck with me) . But today, I did something different. Having researched flower production in Africa lately, I actually looked at the label before I


Download this BCG publication: Dueling with Lions

Playing the New Game of Business Success in Africa By Boston Consulting Group: Patrick Dupoux, Lisa Ivers, Adham Abouzied, Abdeljabbar Chraïti, Fatymatou Dia, Hamid Maher, and Stefano Niavas At a Glance Although Western multinational corporations (MNCs) are starting to generate more revenue in Africa, many are running up against companies that have turned their exclusive focus

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